About Us

FACT is an acronym for Foundation Athletic Coaching Techniques. FACT Fitness provides sport specific, power/speed/agility, athletic efficiency, and health & fitness programs. FACT Fitness will create an unmatched atmosphere and access to advanced training and the latest technology to aid in the facilitation of our programs and educational material. FACT Fitness will provide reasonable priced services in a safe environment.

Robert Otis is the owner operator involved in the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the company. Robert is a dynamic well trained individual that possess the drive, industry and business experience to get clients to and beyond their goals. Robert has 22 years of fitness related industry experience. Robert has 18 years of coaching and sports participation on various progressive levels.

FACT Fitness will be using technology to quickly and accurately assess body mechanics while an individual is in motion. It is especially valuable as a way for an athlete to determine imbalances that can affect performance and also as a method to measure progress. Some imbalances that cannot be seen by the naked eye can have a dramatic effect on performance. FACT Fitness uses protocol that can easily be implemented in there programs. “These protocols are Symmetry and Foundation, Ability, Agility, Stability, and Advanced Performance.”

As a leading provider of Sport Specific Coaching, we take pride in offering the best athletic related coaching services. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

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