open fitness classes Gilroy, CA

You can participate in as many class workout sessions as you want

FACT Fitness LLC will gladly assist anyone who walks through our doors. We offer many types of class workout programs at our training facility so you can spice up your workout routine. You don’t have to pick just one and stick with it – join as many as you want! Membership is optional, too. Our classes include:

  • HIIT
  • Boot camp style
  • Mulisha Fit

For just $110 per month, you can take as many classes as often as you want. What are you waiting for? Visit our fitness center today for fun, intense class workout sessions in the South Bay area.

Don’t settle for quick weight loss solutions

FACT Fitness will help you change gradually so you can experience long-lasting results. As long as you visit us regularly, we can help you get a healthy, strong body. Don’t forget to pick up some supplements to enhance your workouts!

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