COVID-19 Update

Jul 2, 2020


FACT Fitness Family, 

This is a very challenging time for all, as we balance government regulations, safety and social responsibilities of our business for our members and team members. Our current circumstances call for adaptability – agility – strength and UNITY! Monday May 18 we will reopen!! The following changes will apply to maximize sanitation and member safety while proving a great service and environment as always! Things will return closer to what you remember, and even better, as restrictions ease!


Ø 25% Building Capacity

Ø 6 feet separation between clients

Ø Sanitation after every use


Ø Coaches will sanitize equipment after each class and at end of the day.

Ø Pre-register for class in Fit Hive *** USING YOUR PHONE****

Ø Preregistration will hold your spot, you also must “sign in” before class. If you no show 2 minutes after start time, your spot will open up.

Ø Classes will be AMRAMP & Campout formatted (min 2 weeks) to maintain social distancing

Ø Clients will wipe down their equipment before use and prior to return (with provided sanitary wipes).

Ø Clients will use same set of equipment throughout the workout and will not cross share.

Ø As demand is there we will add ADDITIONAL CLASS times! This will start as early as Wednesday May 20th as necessary! We will remain flexible.

Ø ONLINE versions of our daily classes will be posted the day before at night on our YouTube Channel for members who would rather continue working out remotely. Please Subcribe!! 



v These will be for next two weeks minimum!!  

  • As we unfreeze, members will be charged half their normal charge for month of May.
  • We will have a dedicated entrance and exit marked. Please only use on door to enter and one door to exit.
  • We will have designated workout areas marked on the mats.
  • We will have 2 separate sets of dumbbells for any back to back classes.
  • We will provide single use gloves (optional) and sanitizing wipes for member use.
  • Wearing a mask will be left up to members discretion and personally provided.
  • Members can bring their own mat/towel to work out on if they prefer.
  • Please come in ready to workout (dressed, water bottle filled, etc.)
  • Please try to avoid bringing extra items that need to be placed in cubbies, leave bags, etc. in your car.
  • Showers will be closed.
  • Water fountain will be closed. (We will have bottled water short term)
  • Please enter as close to class time as possible so we stick to 25% capacity.
  • Please no pre-& post hanging around (for now).
  • No kiosk sign-ins.
  • If there is space in class and you forget to register it will be first come first serve until we get to max compacity.

v What will be missing the First 2 Weeks

  • Abs after the workout (THEY WILL RETURN SOON)
  • 5:20 PM class (This will likely return with same or later time)
  • Power Yoga (THIS WILL RETURN, Likely June1)
  • No Shower
  • No Water fountains

This is the best way to serve you and your family in a safe and responsible manner. We are ALL in together – YES! However, you have depended on US for your WELLNESS to date and we HAVE YOU today, tomorrow and every day after. Our team is AMAZING (as you know), our members are AMAZING, and we will get through this together!

We can’t wait until we proudly open our doors back and see YOU in person soon! We must choose to unite – preserve our health – give and support each other.




FACT Fitness Strong