Refund Policy- No refunds on merchandise purchases, and exchanges are at facility discretion. Service related refunds are provided up to 1 day prior to start of services. Refunds are also provided in event of billing error. Refunds are provided if the service itself (not the service provider) is no longer available. If at any point a client chooses not to show up for remaining sessions in a package no refund will be issued and said sessions will be lost. 

Make Up Policy- All make ups are to be completed within the timeframe of the packages. Make ups can be for ANY Reason as long as 24 hour notice is given. Within a pacakge make ups must be rescheduled with their Coach, they can be rolled to future months as long as package is current. If a number of sessions are "completely" unable to be completed in a current package they can be added to a future purchased package within 6 months time period (clients will not loss value of services paid for). However, "one off" future sessions not under a current package will not be scheduled as make ups.

Cancellation Policy - There must be a 30 Day Notice provided to cancel ANY monthly package! The only exceptions to this is if client moves outside a 30 mile radius of the facility and is no longer able to utilize the service or an emergency situation arises that doesn't allow for the client to continue to utilize the service. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for each PT session. If less than 24 hour notice is provided that session will be lost. The only exception to the 24 hour cancellation policy is extenuating circumstances to be solely determined at facility discretion. In cases of extenuating circumstances the session will be considered as able to make up and must be rescheduled. 

Hold/Freeze Policy - Packages have the ability to be frozen without charge up to 2 months at facility discretion or under medical recommendation. Whenever the freeze is lifted the service will remain as normal and the 30 day cancellation is still in place from restart period.