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Summer Athlete Build Program
$400.00 for 49 days
Fact Fitness delivers a comprehensive and detailed oriented summer training program to help make athletes become bigger, faster, and stronger to maximize their potential. Our Georgetown athlete build program will focus on building a strong foundation in all athletes that participate. Our main focus of this 7-week program will be corrective exercise movement efficiency mobility functional fitness and injury prevention that translates to the field. The off-season is the perfect time to start that foundation period to gear for the in-season training. In addition to the program, we will be providing the athletes with the proper forms of recovery with monthly Cryo-therapy sessions and post-workout Normatec therapy (compression therapy). 7-week program ·     Foundational Pillars of mobility and Strengthfoundations sessions that will alternate between days. These sessions will consist of improving the overall athlete from strength to proper lifting mechanics.·     Weekly Cryo-therapy sessions for recovery·     Post-workout Normatec compression therapy and other recovery services
Groups·     Group 1- Lineman- ·     Group  2-Skills Time·     Group 1-11 am – 12 pm·     Group 2 – 12-1 pm Cost: 1 session a week:$225, 2 sessions a week: $400, 3 sessions a week $475             
*We also offer Semi-private training for groups of 2-5 which start at $600 2x a week
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