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FACT Fitness creates an unmatched atmosphere and access to advanced training and the latest technology to aid in the facilitation of our programs. Robert Otis “Coach O” is the owner operator, and is also involved in the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the company. 

When you become a FACT Fitness Athlete, you join a program that has played a pivotal role in many athletes' “roads to success.” Robert understands on an athletic and personal level what it's like to be an athlete with the goal of competing at the elite level. With that in his arsenal, his evolutionary facility and training equipment are met with the interpersonal weapons imperative for a master trainer. Robert understands what makes an athlete tick, and how to push them past even their own fear-ridden boundaries. This dichotomy of elite mental and physical coaching can be pivotal to any athlete's training environment. The proof is in his athletes' progress, success, and scholarships!

Robert Otis, Coach "O" - OWner and Master trainer

Robert Otis is a highly trained, dynamic coach who possesses the drive, vision, and industry experience necessary to get clients to and beyond their goals. He possesses more than 20 years of fitness industry experience and has operated several successful businesses. In addition to his past industry certifications, Robert holds a Masters Degree.

In addition to these accolades, Robert has over 20 years of coaching and sports participation experience on a variety of levels. His most recent coaching positions include being the Head Women’s basketball coach on the high school level and the Assistant Women’s and Men’s basketball coach at the college level. Prior to opening FACT Fitness, Robert co-developed and ran the fitness program for a branch of the military and was a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. Robert is now deploying his unique background to develop individualized sport specific programs for athletes ages 8 and up. FACT Fitness works with individuals, small groups, teams, and classes.

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My name is Julian Ward, and I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I attended Pflugerville High school and was involved in sports such as football, basketball, and track. Some accomplishments I had received while at Pflugerville were the 40 yard dash record, vertical jump record, ESPN Top 150 in football and one of the top track athletes in my class of 2011. Due to injury in my senior year, it cost a lot of my football scholarships to be taken away, but I was still able to be blessed to play the sport I love in college at West Texas A&M and Texas State University.

I studied Sports and Exercise Science, Sports Management, and graduated with a Recreational Administration degree. For six years I was able to change a lot of young high school athletes lives from being a coach for basketball, football and track & field. In those six years I was honored to become a head Track coach, Head basketball Coach and Offensive Coordinator for football. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Exercise Recovery Specialist. I believe that every athlete has the opportunity to be successful, but it is up to them to be focused through the process.

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MArtinez Martin - basketball skills director (NBA Certified)

Martinez Martin is an NBA certified, global trainer specializing in basketball skill development. Martinez started his career in Arkansas in 2011. He soon became one of the top skill development trainers of Micah Lancaster's internationally recognized skills training brand "I'm Possible," and relocated to Austin, TX in order to expand the program. In 2017 Martinez formed his own brand, "HoopGrindDaily" and has become one of the most sought after skill development trainers in the world due to his unique ability to provide players with innovative ways to enhance their overall skill level. Martinez works with players of all skill levels.

He is recognized by many of the top NBA, WNBA, and European professionals. He is the go-to trainer for NCAA athletes at the Division I, II, III, NAIA, and JUCO levels. High School players of all skill levels pursue Martinez, including ESPN ranked high school players and McDonald's All-Americans.

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Xzavier CroCkett - coach

Former 3 sport athlete, certified personal trainer, and fitness boot camp instructor Xzavier Crockett is dedicated to assisting athletes and everyday people in maximizing their health and performance. Coach Xzavier specializes in helping individuals discover their hidden strengths and shows them how to crush their limiting beliefs, giving them supreme self-confidence.


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dominique edomwande - Fitness manager & LEAD Coach

Dominique is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She believes in a holistic approach to training, promoting healthy lifestyle choices by aiding individuals in pursuing their individual fitness goals, while focusing on the client's inner self. Dominique encourages strength, confidence, and self love; ultimately improving the overall individual.

As a Trainer she strives to provide clients with a fun and energetic training atmosphere, with the work hard, play hard mindset. Dominique specializes in Strength and Conditioning, Functional Strength Training, and Sports Performance Training. Her motto is “Trust The Process'' because Rome wasn’t built overnight so it takes time to develop the body. Dominique is passionate about fitness and is here to encourage, evolve, and elevate her clients to the next level!

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Hello! My name is Edwin Amaya I’m a soon to be graduate at the University of Mary HardinBaylor with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and A.S. in Psychology, with plans to peruse a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology once i am done.

I have competed in sports my entire life, everywhere from soccer for over a decade, Collegiate football for a national championship team, and my personal favorite powerlifting on the national level. I have been competing in powerlifting for almost 7 years now and have loved every minute of it.

Lifting is something that has changed my life for the better and it’s something I want to spread onto other people, one client at a time. No matter if you’re 17 or 70, it is never too late to start and the physical/ mental health benefits that come with being physically active outweigh any fears that may be stopping you from bettering yourself!


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Hello everyone! My name is Kolton. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and overall fitness enthusiasts. My goal is to be able to help as many people as possible on their fitness journey. No matter if you're just beginning or you've already made some progress, I want to help! 
  I love to research and experiment with training methods of new and old. What I like, I keep. What I don't, I disregard. And above all, I make it my own, just like Bruce Lee once said. I believe you must build a sturdy foundation before you can build on it. I apply that idea to training. You can't safely lift 400 lbs before you can safely lift 150,250, etc. Leave your ego aside, and train with your brain. It will help with your longevity. 
  In my free time you can find me training martial arts or finding something to do outside. The more active I am the happier. 
  So, don't hesitate on beginning your own fitness journey any longer and let me help you along the way! 

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Robert Waters - Coach (Basketball Shooting Specialist)

Robert Waters- started his basketball career at North Lake College and then transferred to
Wayland Baptist University, where he was recognized as an NAIA All American and
earned SAC conference tournament MVP honors. After college, Rob played
professionally in Australia. As a trainer, he enjoys helping players improve skill enhancement and their jump shot. Rob is a basketball skills development coach, and athletic development coach. 

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Dr. Steffan ihegboro- General Manager & Physical Therapist

Dr. Steffan Ihegboro is a Physical Therapist who specializes in orthopedic manual therapy. Native to the great state of Texas, Steffan grew up in Arlington where he was a multi-sport athlete. He ran track and field, played football, and soccer with the latter being his first love.

Dr. Ihegboro took interest in Physical Therapy during high school after consulting with his athletic trainers about injuries and optimizing his sports performance. It was then he was enlightened about a profession where he could rehabiliate people from injuries and build lasting relationships. From there, he went on to pursue his Bachelor’s in Exercise and Sports Sciences from Texas Tech University and then his Doctorate from Texas State University. He worked his way through graduate school as a lab instructor to undergraduate students in Human Anatomy and tutored student athletes. He has worked in Sports Therapy since his licensure and completed a 3-year post-doctorate program in January 2022 to earn his Fellowship in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.

Dr. Ihegboro carries a variety of skillsets including joint manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, Pain Science Education, Dry Needling, Cupping, Tissue Specific Exercise prescription and more. He loves working with motivated athletes at any stage. He is especially passionate about working with high school youth to craft and refine their skills as well as putting the seasoned weekend warrior back together. He is currently working on becoming a Certified Strength and Condition Specialists (CSCS) and publishing research in Manual Therapy.


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Travis anderson- Personal Trainer


Little about me, I have a B.S. in Kinesiology with a minor in Health from Sam Houston State University. Currently pursuing to get my CSCS Certification. I have a background in multiple sports such as football, powerlifting, baseball, and track. I specialize in training athletes for strength/power or for speed and agility. I have previously worked at D1 Athletic Training in College Station before moving here. 

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