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FACT Fitness creates an unmatched atmosphere and access to advanced training and the latest technology to aid in the facilitation of our programs. Robert Otis “Coach O” is the owner operator, and is also involved in the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the company. 

When you become a FACT Fitness Athlete, you join a program that has played a pivotal role in many athletes' “roads to success.” Robert understands on an athletic and personal level what it's like to be an athlete with the goal of competing at the elite level. With that in his arsenal, his evolutionary facility and training equipment are met with the interpersonal weapons imperative for a master trainer. Robert understands what makes an athlete tick, and how to push them past even their own fear-ridden boundaries. This dichotomy of elite mental and physical coaching can be pivotal to any athlete's training environment. The proof is in his athletes' progress, success, and scholarships!

Robert Otis, Coach "O" - OWner and Master trainer

Robert Otis is a highly trained, dynamic coach who possesses the drive, vision, and industry experience necessary to get clients to and beyond their goals. He possesses more than 20 years of fitness industry experience and has operated several successful businesses. In addition to his past industry certifications, Robert holds a Masters Degree.

In addition to these accolades, Robert has over 20 years of coaching and sports participation experience on a variety of levels. His most recent coaching positions include being the Head Women’s basketball coach on the high school level and the Assistant Women’s and Men’s basketball coach at the college level. Prior to opening FACT Fitness, Robert co-developed and ran the fitness program for a branch of the military and was a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. Robert is now deploying his unique background to develop individualized sport specific programs for athletes ages 8 and up. FACT Fitness works with individuals, small groups, teams, and classes.

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AJ Johnson - General manager and master trainer (DBC Level 2)

What's up, I'm AJ. I am a certified personal trainer and general manager at Fact Fitness who focuses on proper human movement. I grew up as a multi-sport athlete that always fell victim to nagging injuries. Now I teach all my clients and athletes the techniques and skills that I wish I had learned earlier age. I have worked with all ages from 10- 82, helping individuals move better and pain-free but not only that helping them increase their performance whether it's in a sport or regular everyday life. I believing building better clients through proper movement and techniques. But most importantly not only making them feel better but teaching them the steps on how to make fitness a lifestyle. 

I am certified in Biomechanics of human movement (DBC Level 1), Master trainer (ISSA), Nutrition Specialist (ISSA), and Corrective exercise (ISSA). 

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Montee sorrells - coach (Volleyball & Nutrition)

Hey there, I am Mon’Tee.  

I am a mom, certified performance enhancement trainer and nutritionist. I focus on a holistic approach to fitness and wellness through my workout and nutrition guides. This has changed my life, even as a former volleyball player, resulting in my own 75 pound weight loss journey and body transformation. My goal is to provide my clients with workouts and philosophies that will transform their mental and physical well-being. I specialize in women and athletes of all ages for the protection, correction, and longevity through my  individualized programming of safe movement patterns. 

Certification Body:

Fitness Mentor 

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Lauren Morrealle - crossfit director                  (Level 3)

Lauren began her journey as a fitness coach in 2013. Over the years she has worked her way to earn the Level 3 CrossFit Trainer (CCFT) credential. She opened a CrossFit gym in 2015 and refined her coaching and business skills over the following 5 years. She is now the director and head coach at F3 CrossFit within FACT Fitness. In addition to having her Level 3, she is also certified in: CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Flexibility, and the CrossFit Conjugate Method.

While she's not coaching CrossFit classes, you can find her spending her time with her three daughters, playing piano, traveling, or wine tasting. But her true passion is for helping others achieve progress in their fitness journey, whether that be helping them set new personal records on their lifts, or helping them go from being able to do one push-up to two.

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Taylor Johnson - Bootcamp director (Soccer Specialist)

My name is Taylor Johnson. I have always had a passion in fitness and being active but the weight lifting passion came later in my life. At Fact Fitness I am the Bootcamp Coordinator and program designer on the personal client side I specialize in soccer development (Skill/Athletic) and power, strength and conditioning.
 I have played soccer since I was five years old played through high school and got a scholarship for college as well to play. I had my son right after college. My weight lifting passion came after that. I love the powerlifting and strength training. I care my passion on through competing through the IFBB bikini competition. 
Bachelor of Science 
ACE Personal Training 

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MArtinez Martin - basketball skills director (NBA Certified)

Martinez Martin is an NBA certified, global trainer specializing in basketball skill development. Martinez started his career in Arkansas in 2011. He soon became one of the top skill development trainers of Micah Lancaster's internationally recognized skills training brand "I'm Possible," and relocated to Austin, TX in order to expand the program. In 2017 Martinez formed his own brand, "HoopGrindDaily" and has become one of the most sought after skill development trainers in the world due to his unique ability to provide players with innovative ways to enhance their overall skill level. Martinez works with players of all skill levels.

He is recognized by many of the top NBA, WNBA, and European professionals. He is the go-to trainer for NCAA athletes at the Division I, II, III, NAIA, and JUCO levels. High School players of all skill levels pursue Martinez, including ESPN ranked high school players and McDonald's All-Americans.

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Nicole-Analise Bradford - Coach  (Body Transformation & Nutrition)

Hi! I’m Nikki! I am a NASM certified personal trainer & nutrition coach, specializing in body sculpting for women. I base all my training programs off of your specific goals and instill proper form & education for all my clients. Understanding that no 2 bodies are exactly alike, all nutrition plans are customized to fit your body type & lifestyle. There’s no 1 size fits all when it comes to fitness & nutrition so your program will be personalized just for you based upon your goals.

My love for fitness started as an athlete in high school and progressed into a competitive bikini bodybuilder. Want to tone up those glutes & arms? Want to get comfortable inside the weight room? I’m your girl! You deserve to stop hating your body & to become the best version of yourself, so I strive to help each and every one of my clients build their confidence both inside & outside the gym.

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Xzavier CroCkett - coach

Former 3 sport athlete, certified personal trainer, and fitness boot camp instructor Xzavier Crockett is dedicated to assisting athletes and everyday people in maximizing their health and performance. Coach Xzavier specializes in helping individuals discover their hidden strengths and shows them how to crush their limiting beliefs, giving them supreme self-confidence.


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dominique edomwande - LEAD Coach

Dominique is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She believes in a holistic approach to training, promoting healthy lifestyle choices by aiding individuals in pursuing their individual fitness goals, while focusing on the client's inner self. Dominique encourages strength, confidence, and self love; ultimately improving the overall individual.

As a Trainer she strives to provide clients with a fun and energetic training atmosphere, with the work hard, play hard mindset. Dominique specializes in Strength and Conditioning, Functional Strength Training, and Sports Performance Training. Her motto is “Trust The Process'' because Rome wasn’t built overnight so it takes time to develop the body. Dominique is passionate about fitness and is here to encourage, evolve, and elevate her clients to the next level!

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Werner Bouwer - Coach (Throwing Specialist)

My fitness journey started from a young age playing and trying out for almost every sport that was offered but Track & Field was where I found my passion. I attended Texas Tech University for track & field and claimed the Big 12 Javelin throw title multiple times, was a 3 time All-American and helped win the first National Division 1 Track & Field team title for Texas Tech. I graduated with Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and obtained my Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist certification to pursue my passion and build the athletes of our future.

As a Sports Performance and Corrective Exercise Specialist at FACT Fitness and volunteer assistant Track & Field coach at Southwestern University I help athletes recover from injuries and reach new levels of strength, speed, and power. The utilization of biomechanical analysis, corrective exercises, strength & conditioning, and technical analysis is the reason for the success of my sports performance program. I specialize in baseball/football throwing power and velocity, track & field power production & strength, lacrosse, and general strength and conditioning.

Grant Cardone says, “Be obsessed or be average,” do everything you do with intent and make sure that it contributes to your goal no matter how much work it takes. I look forward to passing on my knowledge and helping athletes reach their goals no matter the size and as a firm believer in Cardone’s motto I will also motivate my athletes to become the best versions of themselves. Join my group of athletes and let’s reach your goal of becoming an elite athlete, together!

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Nick hunt - Coach (Volleyball Specalist)

Nick was born in Long Island, New York, and has two younger brothers. He played volleyball at Sacred Heart University, a small DI school in Connecticut. After college, he coached for a girls club in the area, until he decided his playing career wasn’t over. He played professionally overseas in Germany and Denmark (2016-2017 and 2017-2018 respectively) and spent two summers in the US Men’s Olympic team gym. And finally, the last summer was his 4th summer lead coaching for a company called Gold Medal Squared, a volleyball coaching organization that uses statistics, motor learning, and kinesiology to best training young kids in sport.

His last full time career was as director of operations of a sports club in NYC, and he recently moved to Austin to learn more about motor patterns and teach them to you kids in the Georgetown area.

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Robert Waters - Coach (Basketball Shooting Specialist)

Robert Waters- started his basketball career at North Lake College and then transferred to
Wayland Baptist University, where he was recognized as an NAIA All American and
earned SAC conference tournament MVP honors. After college, Rob played
professionally in Australia. As a trainer, he enjoys helping players improve skill enhancement and their jump shot. Rob is a basketball skills development coach, and athletic development coach. 

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Tyler Magana - Coach & Bootcamp coach

The reason I find myself in the world of fitness is because not only do I like to help people, but also I don't want to see someone getting hurt because they are doing something wrong because they were not taught how to do something. To me personal trainers are just like teachers, you don't go into everything you do being 100% at it. The goal of a personal trainer is eventually for someone to not need us anymore because they are proficient at using equipment without needing guidance. Personal training and fitness is important to me not only to help people lose weight or gain muscle, but because things that you do in a gym or exercising can make the things you do daily much easier such as simple as standing up or sitting down, or as crazy as someone lifting their children above their head. Another reason I came into the field is athletes, I know as an athlete I would have benefitted so much from a personal trainer in high school  because most high school weight lifting programs do not have a proper system setup that allows you to achieve your goals, some students have different goals than others and you see it so often in the weight room setting; a basketball player will be training just like a football player which does not help the basketball players performance because it is not all sport specific. But you cannot expect them to know that. The more active you are physically the more activities you can enjoy without chronic pain.

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Melanie Smith - Crossfit coach (Level 2)

f you ever see someone dancing in the aisle at HEB, it might be Coach Mel. If there are two things she loves, they are fitness and music. She brings the same energy from the grocery store aisle to the gym when she’s coaching, so expect to laugh, have fun and get a killer workout out!
A lifelong athlete, Coach Mel learned the importance of fitness watching her mom go to the gym in her leotard and leg warmers in the 80s. Coach Mel began her own personal fitness journey, competing on the track around age 7 and continued through high school. Ever since graduating, she’s been active playing a variety of sports from tennis to football and distance running to stay healthy.
As an adult, Coach Mel quickly saw the benefits of CrossFit in her personal life and now aims to help others in her community get the same results. She earned her CrossFit Level 1 certificate in 2019. She loves power-lifting and just like you, she hates burpees. She is now a CrossFit Level 2. 

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Chase Christian - CrossFit Coach (Level 1)

Chase’s life has been centered around fitness since he was just a boy. His mother was a personal trainer and always stressed the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle, urging him to eat well, move often, and have fun. At the age of thirteen, he started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and fell in love with competing in the sport immediately. 
During his career as a BJJ athlete, Chase was offered a position to coach the childrens’ class and shortly after starting coaching full time at the Brazilian jiu-jitsu school. “Working with others is the highlight of my life. I love sharing my passion with others in their journey to become the best versions of themselves.” 
When Chase moved to Austin he began training CrossFit to help him become a better BJJ athlete. He quickly fell in love with the CrossFit methodology and the community spirit. Over the past two years, his love for helping others has evolved and he found his passion as a personal trainer at a treatment center and a CrossFit coach. Chase has his CF-L1 and is enrolled in the OPEX CCP. He aims to share his passion for CrossFit with the community and help other people reach their full potential, the same way that someone did with him years ago. “I just want to give back to others what was given to me.”

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Lamont Adams -  Coach (Speed Specialist) (Football)(Physique)


Hey, I’m the Speed development and body sculpting specialist 

My fitness path started at an early age playing multiple sports but at the age of 8 years old I qualified and attended my first AAU Junior Olympics for track and field in Seattle, Washington 

While attending Texas Tech University I was Named All conference in the Big 12 in the 600y with a time of 1:10.12 placing 2nd at Big 12’s  Named All American in the 4x400 m relay with a time of 3:02.75.

With over 13 years of experience both indoor and outdoor track. After my collegiate career I was tired of being the “skinny kid” so I began my journey into bodybuilding and personal training 

5 years of Mens bodybuilding experience 

5 time nationally qualified competitor 

Placed top 10 at Nationals in Mens Physique at 2021 NPC North American Championship 

Certified Personal Trainer:



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